Unopened Card Packs

Enter The Ultraverse First Edition Playing Cards

Packs were minted in 2021 and 2022 (7,000 total)

Each pack contains 3 cards from two different factions PLUS one neutral card (7 total)

Pack NameQuantityFactions Included
Transfungalism1,000Custodians + The Fungus
Symbiosis1,000The Fungus + Solar Barbarians
Cleansing Fire1,000Solar Barbarians + Imperators
Technocracy1,000Imperators + Technomages
Dark Technologies1,000Technomages + Void Priests
Astral Alliance1,000Void Priests + Spacers
Ballad of the Cosmic Cartel1,000Spacers + Custodians

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Unopened Card Packs (7k total released – many have been redeemed / burned)




Dark Technologies

Cleansing Fire

Astral Alliance

Ballad of the Cosmic Cartel

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