EtU – FAQs

Below are some FAQs around gameplay and deck-building. If you have any other questions please drop them in the Discord and one of the mods will answer.

Q: How many cards do I need for a deck?

A: A minimum of 30 cards are needed to play using NFTs. However, you will also be able play non-competitively without NFTs.

Q: Can I have duplicate cards in my deck?

A: Yes.

Q: Do I need Ultra or Legendary cards?

A: No, a deck without these cards can defeat a deck that has them. But it might help to have their more impactful effects in a long game.

Q: Can Spells from one faction be cast on cards from another faction?

A: Yes they can

Q: Are the Spirit Cost / Attack / Health / Effect card values fixed?

A: No they aren’t and any card may be subject to balancing changes at any time

Q: Does the NFT card level have any influence on the in-game card effects?

A: No it doesn’t. Card levelling is for aesthetic purposes only.