With Cardania Equipment you will be able to navigate the metaverse with style! … And firepower!

All Cardania Equipment is housed under the “Cardania Equipment” policy ID in JPGStore!

Policy ID: 23d9e14f176a6bf98ac5a7b5a3f00d35feeb779e3089f8cfdde70c6e

What does equipment do?

Equipment is usable as ‘buffs’ within Cardania games:

  • Attack / defense – usable in Epoch Wars battles
  • Spirit – usable in Epoch Wars creature card battles
  • XP gain – improve your XP rewards

* See the list of equipment below for item buffs and collection sizes

You will also be able to use equipment within Ready Player Me compatible metaverses.

How do I get them?

Buy within your Nexus profile

List of Equipment

** Disclaimer – Buffs are subject to changes and game balancing without notice **

Collection size will be fixed, although mints may overrun slightly due to players minting at a later date.


ItemCollection SizeBuffs
Santa Hattbc+1 Spirit, +1 Def, +3% XP
Corsair Helm
Harmonic Helm
Peacekeeper Helm
Sigmatic Helm
Scion Helm
Sunwalker Helm
Warspore Helm
100 (per faction)+2 Def, +2% XP


ItemCollection SizeBuffs
Santa Suit
Mrs Clause Dress
tbc+1 Spirit, +1 Def, +3% XP
Corsair Armor
Harmonic Armor
Peacekeeper Armor
Sigmatic Armor
Scion Armor
Sunwalker Armor
Warspore Armor
100 (per faction)+4 Def, +4% XP


ItemCollection SizeBuffs
Corsair Gloves
Harmonic Gloves
Peacekeeper Gloves
Sigmatic Gloves
Scion Gloves
Sunwalker Gauntlets
Warspore Gauntlets
100 (per faction)+2 Att, +2 Def, +2% XP


ItemCollection SizeBuffs
Utility Belt MK1tbc+1 Att, +2 Def, +1% XP
Corsair Belt
Harmonic Belt
Peacekeeper Belt
Sigmatic Belt
Scion Belt
Sunwalker Belt
Warspore Belt
100 (per faction)+2 Att, +2 Def, +2% XP


ItemCollection SizeBuffs
Corsair Leggings
Harmonic Leggings
Peacekeeper Leggings
Sigmatic Leggings
Scion Leggings
Sunwalker Leggings
Warspore Leggings
100 (per faction)+2 Def, +4% XP


ItemCollection SizeBuffs
Corsair Boots
Harmonic Boots
Peacekeeper Boots
Sigmatic Boots
Scion Boots
Sunwalker Boots
Warspore Boots
100 (per faction)+2 Def, +1 Range


ItemCollection SizeBuffs
Shield Amulettbc+3 Def, +3% XP
Sunshard Amulettbc+8 Att, +3Def, +8% XP


ItemCollection SizeBuffs
Peacekeeper Sniper Rifle MK1tbc+2 Att, +1 Range
Peacekeeper Sniper Rifle (Chrome)tbc+4 Att, +2 Range
Peacekeeper Sniper Rifle (Gold)tbc+6 Att, +3 Range
Nanobladetbc+3 Att, +2% XP
Nanoblade (Chrome)tbc+6 Att, +5% XP
Nanoblade (Gold)tbc+9 Att, +7% XP
Twin Nanobladetbc+2 Att, +2 Def
Twin Nanoblade (Chrome)tbc+6 Att, +5 Def, +5% XP
Twin Nanoblade (Gold)tbc+8 Att, +8 Def
Minimax MK1tbc+2 Att, +2% XP
Minimax MK1 (Chrome)tbc+4 Att, +4% XP
Minimax MK1 (Gold)tbc+6 Att, +5% XP
Phase Rifle MK1tbc+3 Att, +2% XP
Phase Rifle MK1 (Chrome)tbc+6 Att, +5% XP
Taurus Nova MK1tbc+3 Att, +2 Def, +3% XP
Taurus Nova MK1 (Chrome)100+4 Att, +4 Def, +5% XP
Taurus Nova MK1 (Gold)100+6 Att, +6 Def, +10% XP