Avoiding Rugpulls

Rug pulls happen generally when a project loses steam. The project may simply lack the support to generate enough income to build long term beyond the initial mint. It may not be their intention, but they may have begun something they can’t finish.

Choosing good projects is sometimes quite hard. Before you support any project you should background check them.

  • Does the project have a roadmap that looks realistic?
  • Is the web presence well put together?
  • Are the founders sharing their identity?
  • Is the leadership known within the CNFT community?
  • Is there an active discord with real conversation?
  • Is the project being over-hyped?
  • Are paid promoters doing the shilling?

Long Term Utility

If the project promises long term utility and game development, then you need to consider how the project is structured and whether they can really deliver on their roadmap. Playable games take a lot of time, money and smart game developers to build. Then it needs constant improvement and tuning to remain interesting to the players. There is also a lot of admin, accounting and legal aspects to running a successful blockchain project. How much manpower does the project have to deliver on all this?

Check out the Cardania team here