Enter The Ultraverse

An ancient, misbegotten race of hybrid machine organics. Once cursed by a machine god and now shackled to the eternal servitude of a singular directive: Assimilate all organic life.

In the wilds of Cardania the last remnants of an ancient galactic empire maintain a strong culture of honor and martial prowess. Here, the genetically blessed children of Sol have begun a new crusade to reclaim lost glory and retake righteous dominion over the heavens.

The enigmatic Void Priests are masters of psionic powers and manipulators of void energy. While reviled by their foes, they claim to serve our reality in an endless battle against unknown forces from the Void beyond...

Cardania is home to a diverse array of sentient mycelia known collectively as 'The Fungus'. Through millennia of conflict and organic integration, the Fungus has grown mighty across the station.

The unruly misfits and outcasts of Cardania's human civilizations. The Spacers make their home in and around the station - hauling, trading, smuggling and pirating in an endless underworld quest for fortune and glory.

Imperator forces are humanity's bulwark of civilization and prosperity in the cold and unforgiving reaches of space. While their methods may be harsh, their results speak for themselves.

The musical Custodial Intelligence A.I. consider themselves the collective caretakers of Cardania. While perhaps well meaning, the quirks of their programming and innate capacity for creation and experimentation put them at odds with many lifeforms on the station.

Not aligned to any faction. Neutrals act alone...