Nexus Updates

Version / DateUpdates
v2.2 / Nov 23Caps v2.2 update
Enhanced anomalies with Boss Battles and NFT loot!
v2.0 / Jul 23Caps v2.0 update
Citadels – reinforce and enhance your terraform!
v1.9 / Jun 23Caps v1.9 update
Faction balancing and XP/attack/defense boosts
v1.8 / May 23Caps v1.8 update
Anomalies added. Win a battle to unlock role-play loot dungeon!
v1.7 / Apr 23Caps v1.7 update
Player XP levelling. Earn though Nexus activity.
battles, card levelling, minting, etc.
v1.6 / Apr 23Caps v1.6 update
Battle menu (sidebar) to track Terraform attacks
10x $RAD increase for EpochWars
v1.5 / Mar 23Caps v1.5 update
EpochWars attacks – victory points, leaderboard, prizes
Terraform squads – 1x Starship, 1x Citizen, 5x EtU creature cards
Terraform map v2 – Isometric, zoom in/out
v1.4 / Feb 23Caps v1.4 update
Nexus profiles + faction selection + PFP unlock
v1.3 / Jan 23Caps v1.3 update
Terraform map shows your owned terraforms + listed terraforms
v1.2 / Dec 22Caps v1.2 update
Stellar Hood harvested resource extraction
Unbounded Earth token loot added
v1.1 /
v1.0 /Initial release of harvesting and Terraform map