Epoch Wars – Anomalies

Anomalies are found of the Epoch Wars terraform map. They are randomly generated each epoch and are visible to each player. Your anomalies will only be visible to you. You can see them by enabling the “Anomalies” view option.

Anomaly classification:

  • Cyan – normal anomaly
  • Yellow – enhanced anomaly
  • Grey – defeated anomaly

Exploring Anomalies

To explore an anomaly you will need to defeat the terraform in battle. If you succeed, you can select the blue button to enter the anomaly.

In most cases you will be faced with a ‘loot dungeon’ type scenario with two outcomes, and you must decide which to follow. As the game develops, there may be added depth and interactions.

Spoils that anomalies provide:

  • Experience points
  • Victory or defense points
  • Resources*
  • $RAD*
  • NFT mint*

* You won’t always receive these! The greater the achievement, the greater the prize…

NFT Mints

It is possible to get NFTs from any anomaly. But NFT mints are most common within enhanced anomalies. You should also understand that there is a good chance of not getting an NFT within enhanced anomalies.

  • Common NFTs = 10% – 33% chance
  • Rare (Chrome) NFTs = 1%-10% chance
  • Grand (Gold) NFTs = 0.1% – 1% chance

Boss Battles

Boss battles can occur when entering an anomaly. They are far more likely to be encountered within an enhanced anomaly than a standard anomaly.

Boss battles are played with Enter The Ultraverse creature cards. Without these, you cannot win.

How to play

  • The boss battle is a card game with up to 5 creature cards, but you don’t need to have 5 cards.
  • There are 5 turns, for each turn there is a Max Spirit, which increases by 1 for each turn (see the table below). You can play a card that is equal to (or less than) the Max Spirit. If your card’s Spirit is too high, the card cannot be played.
  • At the end of the turn, the played cards will attempt to attack their opposite player. The attack score will be reduced by the defense score of the oppositions card. If there is more defense than attack, then the attack will be blocked and there will be no damage to the opposition. The remaining attack score will deplete the health of the opposition.
  • At the end of the fifth Turn, if you have more health than the boss you win. If the boss has the same or more health, you lose.

* Note that a ‘spirit buff’ can increase your Max Spirit. This will be managed within your player inventory and certain NFTs will include a ‘spirit buff’ increase.

TurnMaximum Spirit*

Example Boss Battle

TurnPlayer BossHealth
1No cardAttack: 1
Defense: 1
Player = 9
Boss = 10
2No cardAttack: 2
Defense: 1
Player = 7
Boss = 10
3Attack: 3
Defense: 3
Attack: 1
Defense: 3
Player = 7
Boss = 10
4Attack: 7
Defense: 3
Attack: 2
Defense: 2
Player = 7
Boss = 5
5Attack: 3
Defense: 2
Attack: 3
Defense: 2
Player = 6
Boss = 4
*Player Wins*