Epoch Wars

Epoch Wars is a game played within the Nexus.

When do battles occur?
Every epoch! At the turnover of each epoch (every 5 days) terraforms will be randomly shuffled on the map and will be able to attack their new neighbors. A terraform owner can choose to attack in any direction (up to 8 directions).

How do I play?
Anyone who owns a terraform can log into the Nexus, connect their web3 wallet (containing the terraform) and play.

Make sure you play Epoch Wars before you harvest, or you won’t get the rewards!

If my terraform loses a battle do I lose my $RAD or resources?

NOPE! All resources won are taken from Cardania – you don’t lose any resources

Manage your Terraform

Terraforms can be managed from the relevant Sector map.
You can increase your terraform capability (and chance of winning) as follows:

  • Add a Starship token (+3 attack, +3 defense +3 range + 1 or 2 extra attacks)
  • Add a Citizen token (up to +2 attack, +3 defense)
  • Add up to 5 creature/weapon cards (+attack +defense per the card)
  • Add a Citadel (various power ups!)


  • A wallet snapshot is taken at the start of each epoch, only these terraforms can be used
  • You can attach other items mid-epoch (citizens, cards, starships, citadels)
  • see the ETU Cards public sheet or the Enter The Ultraverse library for card attack + defense values
  • see the Starships page for extra attacks (by ship type)
  • see Citizens page for more info on which faction affinities add attack/defense
  • see the Citadels page for details on the various module bonuses

CITADELS – Build these to add attack, defense, range and also ENABLE Research, Spells and Crafting

Attacking & Defending

Terraforms will defend themselves automatically. Your terraforms will gain defense points from Hazardous Flora and Bunker attributes.

An attacker might have a superior score than the defense, but there is a randomization element to the battle itself that might mean the defense wins.

Carry out an attack via the Terraform Map page:

  • Scroll into the map using Shift + Mouse wheel up
  • Select your terraform and then Mount Attack
  • Select a neighboring terraform to attack (note their defense rating)
  • Select Attack to initiate the battle (this will result in Victory or Defeat)
  • After attacking your terraform will say Resting until the following epoch

When attacking, you will be given an estimate chance of success. You get more Victory Points for attacks with lower chance of success:

  • 1 point – Certain, High, Fair
  • 3 points – Moderate, Low
  • 10 points – Very low, Impossible

ANOMALIES – attack these for extra loot!

If you want to see some Terraform setup and an example attack, watch this video (Nexus v1.5 Mar 2023)

Leaderboard & Battle Feed

You can follow the general battle feed via the Epoch Wars > Factions & Leaders page on the Nexus.

You will also find the top players for successful Attacks and Defenses.

Prizes are regularly distributed for winners.

Faction Boosts

You can give your faction a boost by paying 300k $RAD and 10 QDE plus:
– 500 Faith (Blessing) for +5% XP boost
– 500 Meat (Bloodlust) for +1 Attack boost
– 500 Energy (Reinforcements) for +1 Defense boost

Epoch Wars Game Mechanics

Ever wanted to know exactly how those defensive attributes stack up? Or how the randomization of the battle works? Find out here… Epoch Wars game mechanics