Manage Your Cards

Connect your wallet to The Nexus and you will find the ‘Manage Your Cards’ option.
If you need help with your Web3 wallet connect – read this guide

Using the filter options you can view cards by Factions, Rarities, Artists, Levels and Keywords.

Card Levelling

Your cards can be levelled up by selecting a card and choosing the ‘Level Up’ button.
Each ‘level up’ will +1 to your card’s ‘Level’ metadata.
Your cards appearance will also change at certain levelling points, this begins at level 10.

Levelling Costs

Costs for levelling are ~2 ADA plus RAD tokens (and later resource tokens)
The itemized cost table for levelling cards can be found by clicking the small yellow ‘info’ icon.

Founder Card Discounts

The levelling costs will be reduced from the standard cost if you have a Founder’s Card:
– 25% for all 7 card colors
– 20% for Black or White cards
– 15% for Purple or Orange cards
– 10% for Red, Blue or Green cards

Benefits of Levelling Up

Card levelling should be considered as purely cosmetic. At various stages in the levelling process the card appearance will change, garnering increased market value.