We currently have 40 resource tokens that are on-chain to be used in the gaming ecosystem. There are no limits on the supply for these tokens, they will be minted as required for game balance.

NOTE: Resources will be centrally priced in RAD, and resources are of FIXED value. Its important to understand these resources are meant to be strictly functional, not speculative assets.

How do I gather resources?

TERRAFORMS – Cardania resource tokens are produced primarily by Terraforms. Resources can be harvested by wallets that are delegated to the Summoning Pool every epoch. The more Terraforms you have, the more resources you will be able to harvest. Check out which resources are produced by certain Terraform attributes

STELLAR HOODCheck out our Stellar Hood partnership to find out about gathering Cardania resources in the Stellar Hood game.

How do I harvest resources?

HARVESTING – Once you have some resource production, you can harvest via the Nexus

Want to check your wallet for missing resources? Check out this fan tool (note this is 3rd party, not Cardania developed)

How do I use resources?

Resources will be used for a variety of game-based crafting and marketplace activity.

Tokens can currently be traded in our Discord marketplace using the ‘Deal Seeker’ bot (Asset Exchange).

Details will follow on how to use resources for in game activity – we will post links here and in the game pages themselves.