The Nexus

The Nexus is a Web3 hub for Citizens to connect and engage with the Cardania ecosystem.

The Nexus is a non-custodial system that simply checks your wallet for Cardania assets. Then let’s you interact with your assets for gamification. Here are some examples of what The Nexus offers:

  • Harvest RAD & resources
  • Card pack opening & levelling
  • Terraform map (Epoch Wars)
  • Leaderboard (Epoch Wars)
  • Much more to come!

To begin using The Nexus you will need a wallet that is staking to SUMN (The Summoning Pool). You will also need a Web3 Wallet browser extension. See this guide for help with that.

Harvesting Resources

Visit The Nexus every epoch to harvest your RAD tokens and Resource Tokens (plus bonus loot).

  1. Make sure your wallet has been delegated to SUMN for 2 epochs (actively staking)
  2. One or more Terraform NFTs
  3. Bonus upgrades:
    • Add a Founder’s Card – boosts RAD harvest (1 per wallet)
    • Add a Citizen NFT – boosts resource harvest (1 per Terraform)

Find out more about harvesting here:
Harvesting (for how to use the Harvesting function)
Terraforms (for details on Terraforms and resources)

Enter the Ultraverse Cards

You can use The Nexus to redeem card packs, and also level up cards.

Find out more about Cards here:
Enter The Ultraverse (for card pack and game info)
EtU Card Library (for individual card details)