EtU – Introduction

Enter the Ultraverse (EtU) is a deck building card game similar to Magic The Gathering and Hearthstone. The play style will be familiar to anyone who has played those games, but the EtU deck has a little special sauce in the mix with the inclusion of Weapon, Ship and Land tokens.

The assets will be on the Cardano blockchain and brought into the game via your Web3 wallet. Note that you won’t lose any assets through gameplay! If you don’t have any of those tokens you will still be able to play.

The Game Board

Example Layout

First Edition Cards

First edition card packs were released for minting between October 2021 and late 2022.

Card packs became redeemable in December 2022 via the Nexus.

Each card pack includes 7 cards – 3 cards from 2 factions plus 1 neutral card.


In the 1st edition there are 429 cards, of which there will be 397 tradable NFT cards.

32 cards are ‘Token’ cards which become usable in the game only (they aren’t NFTs).

There are 5 rarity levels – Common, Rare, Grand, Legendary and Ultra.

You can view the cards by faction in the Card Library (web2) or via The Nexus (web3)

You can find a full list of cards (with stats /effects) in the Public Card List

Card Types

Solar Barbarians23204249
The Fungus21184245
Void Priests19254250

Card Rarity

Solar Barbarians231186149
The Fungus211473145
Void Priests231682150

Note – Tokens and Default Weapons are excluded from the rarity table (those are not NFTs)

Deck Building

Players should select 2 factions (a primary and secondary) plus neutrals to build a deck.

30+ cards are recommended with a primary 15, secondary 10, neutral 5 split or similar.

Card Types are as follows:

  • Creatures – These are the backbone of play and sit on the game board
  • Spells – These enact with the game and can be very powerful
  • Weapons – These allow the citizen to deal out Damage with limited Durability
  • Support – These are usable as support for the cards in the match

Note – only 2 support cards can be active at one time. So if you have multiple support cards in your deck and 2 are active, the third would need to replace one of the active cards.

It is also possible to add a single Weapon card, plus a Ship and a Terraform (additional support cards).

Deck TypePrimarySecondaryNeutralWeapon*ShipLand

* Weapon must be from the Primary faction unless you have “Quantum Wilds” which allows a Weapon from ANY faction