🚀 Last update July 2023 🚀

Items currently in pipeline:
⚙️ Starships: ? secret ?
⚙️ EpochWars: Research
⚙️ EpochWars: Crafting
⚙️ EpochWars: Spells
⚙️ EpochWars: Faction Reputation
⚙️ Enter the Ultraverse: Deckbuilder
⚙️ Mint: Asteroids
⚙️ Cardano Summit (online)

And some other fun stuff that hasn’t been revealed yet!


Cardania are proud to be constantly delivering improvements for our Citizens!

DateRoadmap ItemInfo
✅ Oct 2023NFTxLVIRL Event
✅ Sep 2023Discover Cardano + Cleveland Gaming ConIRL Event
✅ Sep 2023MINT: Cardania EquipmentMint (open)
✅ Sep 2023MINT: UltrabotsMint (3.6k assets)
✅ Sep 2023Metaversal Inventory SystemNexus feature (v2.1)
✅ Aug 2023Nebula Run (Starships)Nexus feature (v2.0)
✅ Aug 2023Cardano Foundation delegationSUMN
✅ Jul 2023EpochWars: CitadelsNexus feature (v2.0)
✅ Jun 2023EpochWars: AnomaliesNexus feature (v1.8)
✅ May 2023EpochWars: XP and levellingNexus feature (v1.7)
✅ Apr 2023EpochWars: UI improvements (sidebars)Nexus feature (v1.6)
✅ Mar 2023EpochWars: BattlesNexus feature (v1.5)
✅ Feb 2023MINT: StarshipsMint (5.5k assets)
✅ Jan 2023Nexus: Faction select
Nexus: PFP integrations
Nexus: Stellar Hood resource harvest
Loot: Unbounded Earth ($EARTH)
Nexus feature (v1.4)
✅ Jan 2023Nexus: Terraform map (3 sectors)Nexus feature (v1.3)
✅ Dec 2022‘Enter the Ultraverse’ – Card pack opening
Citizen + Founder Card boosts
Nexus feature (v1.2)
✅ Oct 2022CNFTcon 2022IRL Event
✅ Oct 2022MINT: ‘Enter the Ultraverse’ unopened card packsMint (2k assets)
✅ Aug 2022MINT: ‘Attention, Citizen’ NFT soundtrackMint (10k assets)
✅ Jun 2022+ $RAD harvesting
+ Loot: Phoenix Arena ($WARI)
+ Loot: The Art Bank ($Monet)
Nexus feature (v1.1)
✅ May 2022MINT: CitizensMint (6k assets)
✅ Apr 2022AIRDROP: Prismatic TerraformsAirdrop (250 assets)
✅ Mar 2022Resource tokens (harvesting)Nexus feature (v1.0)
✅ Feb 2022AIRDROP: TerraformsAirdrop (10k assets)
✅ Jan 2022$RAD tokens CEX crowdsale
✅ Jan 2022MINT: TerraformsMint (10k assets)
✅ Oct 2021MINT: Interplanetary Stamp CollectionMint (1k assets)
✅ Oct 2021MINT: Oktoberfest seasonal collectionMint (1k assets)
✅ Sep 2021MINT: Ghost Chain cards (Alonzo hardfork)Mint (36 assets)
✅ Jul 2021MINT: ‘Enter the Ultraverse’ unopened packsMint (5k assets)
✅ Jul 2021MINT: Mysterious OrbsMint (100 assets)
✅ May 2021MINT: Founder’s CardsMint (10k assets)