EtU – Gameplay

A 40-minute introduction to EtU gameplay from RogueRaashk
This is a MUST WATCH if you are building a deck!!

Spirit Cost

All Creature and Spell cards have an associated Spirit Cost, which is the ‘cost’ to play the card.

You will start with 0 Spirit, then you will gain 1 Spirit for each round of the game up to 10 Spirit.

Players will aim to balance their deck so that cards with lower Spirit are available to begin the game and higher Spirit cards will be usable towards the later stages of the game.


Citizens will start with 30 health and this is reduced when attacked by opposition forces.
The objective of the game is to deal sufficient damage to reduce your opponent Citizen to zero health.


Creatures are the backbone of the game and will form the majority of cards within a deck. Creatures are deployed using Spirit and can then deal out damage to opposition cards. They stay on the game board until their health is depleted, then they go to the graveyard.

Learn more about Creatures here


Spells are deployed using Spirit and will be used to apply unique effects to the game. Players who understand how and when to use Spells are sure to benefit from their impact.

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Weapons are selected before starting the game and are activated using Spirit Cost.
Attack is the amount of damage the weapon inflicts
Durability reduces by 1 per turn when used for attacking (or other)
Lockout is how many turns you need to wait before re-using the Weapon

If you don’t have a Weapon NFT card, then you will get the default weapon for your faction

CustodiansConductor’s Wand (default)214Enter a song of your choosing
CustodiansTuning Fork (Rare)22If this attacks and kills a creature while you control a Artist, complete a measure.
CustodiansG.M.W. (Grand)X1Gain attack for each unique creature type in all graveyards.
ImperatorsSpotter’s Lens
033Put a contract on any combatant attacked
ImperatorsThe Cleanser (Rare)33Deal double damage to non-human creatures.
ImperatorsWarmonger’s Recompense (Grand)32Whenever you kill a creature with this weapon, clear a Leverage lockout.
Solar BarbariansThe Sunshield
243+1 Radiant for your Citizen
+1 Sunshard per attack
Solar BarbariansCardanium Knuckles (Rare)16Can attack twice each turn. Can only attack creatures.
Solar BarbariansSlammunition Hammer (Grand)43When you damage a creature with this weapon, deal overkill damage to adjacent creatures.
SpacersPocket Blaster
SpacersSparkle Grenade Satchel (Rare)12Deal damage, evenly split among all creatures, equal to your ship’s current battery charge.
SpacersThe Deadbeat Stick (Grand)X2Attack is equal to your leveraged spirit.
TechnomagesCharged Crushers
032+1 Channeler
-1 Durability per spell
TechnomagesRe-Router (Rare)06Whenever you destroy max spirit for either player, give a creature with Neural Link +1/+1 and lose one durability.
TechnomagesHelm of Control (Grand)23Your citizen gains Neural Link – Bombardier 1
The FungusShaman’s Grace
023+1 Enlightenment
-1 Durability per spell
The FungusGrasping Vines (Rare)32If you deal damage to an enemy combatant, Entangle it.
The FungusMycelial Mace (Grand)24Whenever you kill a creature with this weapon, consume it. Add its attack to damage, health heals your citizen.
Void PriestsSack of Wurms
133Whenever you attack, summon a lesser Wurm
Void PriestsVoid Tome (Rare)23When you deal damage to an enemy citizen, Deplete 2
When you kill a creature with this weapon, quantum rupture its slot.
Void PriestsRedeemer’s Dagger (Grand)11Whenever you kill a creature with this weapon, resurrect the top creature in your graveyard.


You can select a ship to provide ancillary support for your deck.

ChassisBattery capacityStores charge for Engines + Weapons
Provides a passive effect
EnginesCharges batteryHeal target
WeaponsExpends batteryDamage enemy


ChassisSpecimen Collector12 (max)+1 charge when a creature dies (non-token)
EngineWhisper Engine+2Heal target for 3
WeaponStrafers-12Deal 3 damage to all enemies


Affects the game in small ways that helps synergize with a faction