Cardania Quick Start

Cardania is a Web3 NFT gaming ecosystem, built on the Cardano blockchain. There are various NFT collections that can be used for various P2E gaming experiences.

If you are looking to join, this is Quick Start guide:

  1. Change your wallet stake to SUMN ‘The Summoning Pool’
  2. Acquire a Terraform – then check out Harvesting and Epoch Wars
  3. Earn $RAD tokens and resource tokens every epoch (these are all on-chain)

If you want to bolster your harvest, you can add these buff tokens:

  1. Founder’s Card – Boost your $RAD token harvest by 10%-25% (per wallet)
  2. Citizen – Boost your resource token harvest by 25% (per terraform)

If you want to earn more RAD and resources in Epoch Wars, you can attack other terraforms. To be successful you will need attack capability:

  1. Starship – Boost terraform range, att/def in Epoch Wars
  2. EtU creature cards – Boost terraform att/def in Epoch Wars
  3. Equipment – mint using RAD or ADA (range, attack and defence buffs)

What is the community like?

The Cardano NFT community is highly engaged and growing. As of mid-2023 the projects with the biggest number of tokens (100k+) have around 20k holders (Hosky, Pavia).

Cardania has the following numbers:

  • 13k+ Twitter followers
  • 5k+ Discord members
  • 3k Terraform token holders
  • 2k delegators to SUMN stake pool
  • 500 regular Web3 game participants
  • 200 racers for Marbles on Friday nights (8pm PST)

So you might say 500 players from 20k active NFT holders is 2.5% of the overall community. Consider that over the next bull cycle to 2025 this community may grow 10x to 200k. Then we are looking at 5k players – so we are looking very good right now. These are good numbers!

A final word about our fearless leader!

Chris (aka “Cap”) founded the Cardania project in 2021. Cardano’s eUTXO model was the catalyst for his vision to create a Web3 gaming platform with interchangeable tokens.

Cap is full time on Cardania, this is his baby and he intends to build long-term into a full gaming ecosystem. He has no other interests!

Fun fact… Chris was a Captain in the US Army – hence the name ‘Cap’