Cardania Quick Start

What is Cardania?

Cardania is a Web3 NFT gaming ecosystem, built on the Cardano blockchain.

Building on Cardano allows for many tokens to be included in low-cost transactions. This means players can participate in various gaming interactions, then collect their rewards at the end of ‘the epoch’ (which is every 5 days on Cardano).

Some examples:

  • Play epoch based land strategy game ‘Epoch Wars’ (or simply harvest your lands)
  • Play our deck-building card game ‘Enter the Ultraverse’ (under construction)

What is the community like?

The Cardano NFT community is highly engaged and growing. As of mid-2023 the projects with the biggest number of tokens (100k+) have around 20k holders (Hosky, Pavia).

Cardania has the following numbers:

  • 13k+ Twitter followers
  • 5k+ Discord members
  • 3k Terraform token holders
  • 2k delegators to SUMN stake pool
  • 500 regular Web3 game participants

So you might say 500 players from 20k active NFT holders is 2.5% of the overall community. Consider that over the next bull cycle to 2025 this community may grow 10x to 200k. Then we are looking at 5k players – so we are looking very good right now. These are good numbers!


If you are looking to join the crew, you can follow these steps:

  1. Change your wallet stake to SUMN ‘The Summoning Pool’
  2. Acquire a Terraform – then check out Harvesting and Epoch Wars – start earning $RAD tokens and resource tokens (these are all on-chain)

If you want to build upon the basics and get moar out of the platform, you can add these tokens:

  1. Founder’s Card – Boost your $RAD token harvest by 10%-25%
  2. Citizen – Boost your resource token harvest by 25%
  3. Starship – Boost terraform attack/defense in Epoch Wars
  4. EtU creature cards – Boost terraform attack/defense in Epoch Wars

Also , check out our Enter the Ultraverse card game that is fully designed and now under construction.

You should also join in some fun community stuff we do:

  • Marble racing on Friday nights (8pm PST) – massive giveaways!
  • Discord server – choose a faction, enter giveaways and chat with other citizens

A final word about our fearless leader!

Chris (aka “Cap”) founded the Cardania project in 2021. Cardano’s eUTXO model was the catalyst for his vision to create a Web3 gaming platform with interchangeable tokens.

Cap is full time on Cardania, this is his baby and he intends to build long-term into a full gaming ecosystem. He has no other interests!

Fun fact… Chris was a Captain in the US Army – hence the name ‘Cap’