Starcada is a retro styled web3 arcade where you can play games and earn $RAD tokens.

If you get a high score you can cash out for $RAD.

How does it work?

  1. Connect your Web3 wallet (needs to be mnemonic – not a HW wallet)
  2. Play the games to win points
  3. Checkout your points for $RAD*

What $RAD rate will I get?

Transaction cost is 2A, but you get 1.7A returned. So your NET cost will be 0.3A.
You then need to check the current $RAD price here
If you don’t accumulate much $RAD you may want to get an Arcade Card.

Arcade Card

You can buy an ARCADE CARD for 3A which is stocked with 200k $RAD. This means you can cash-out your 200k RAD when you accumulate enough points