Dev & Improvements

We’re publishing a list of good ideas for improvements to the platform. The intention here is to be able to check the tables below and see if your idea / request is already in the dev pipe. There is no commitment to delivering items by a given date.

The Nexus – Card Management

MediumMultiple cards levelled-up within a single TXDev in progress
LowSort and filter on card properties in the table view (I.e. card-type, creature-type, etc.) TBC

The Nexus – Epoch Wars Game

LowFilter the terraform map to show/hide their ‘Resting’ plots (which have already attached within the epoch). This allows the player to see terraforms that haven’t attacked yet at a glance.Dev in progress
LowAllow user to see their current ranking for Attack + Defense on the leaderboard. Either as an extended league table (showing all users with the logged in user highlighted). Or by adding the players own score to the bottom of the leaderboard.TBC
LowIn attack mode, grey out surrounding plots of the same faction (and prevent them being attacked). This will avoid the ‘same faction’ error popup.TBC

The Codex

MediumEtU card library updates (a number of effects have been added/updated)Dev in progress
MediumEtU gameplay information – add more detailDev in progress
LowArtist profiles for EtU card art, terraforms and 3D modellingTBC