For now, the games will play out in the Morphium Discord.
Server Invite
Channel link

Pricing & NFT Tickets

  • 1 card = 12.100001
  • 3 cards = 31.100001
  • 5 cards = 55.100001
  • 10 cards = 100.100001

Each game has a 15% progressive pot and 1 winner per game

Send Ada to $bingocards to buy your ticket. Ticket sales end 10 minutes before a game starts. ADA prizes are calculated before the game begins

At the end of all 3 games, you need to send the cards back to $bingoredeem. Each card has a 2 ADA deposit tied to it. You’ll get that back plus any winnings.

Game Format & How to Play

Game 1 = Line (any vertical, horizontal, diagonal)
Game 2 = Corners (all 4 corners)
Game 3 = Full house (entire card complete)
1 ball drops every 45 seconds

Use /call_bingo to call if you think you won a game. Then paste in the last 6 digits of your NFT card UUID (from the metadata).

If your card is a winner, the bot will announce that card as the winner, then will start the next game.

If your card is NOT a winner you will get a “no win” message and the game will carry on. Same if your card UUID is not found, or there is no game active.